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Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Conducting a thorough analysis of your operations to ensure compliance with applicable financial regulations and laws in the Netherlands.

Compliance Program Development

Designing and implementing a comprehensive compliance program tailored to your organization's specific needs, considering relevant regulatory requirements.

Policy and Procedure Development

Assisting in the development and documentation of policies, procedures, and internal controls that align with regulatory standards and best practices.

Compliance Training

Providing training sessions and workshops to educate your employees on compliance obligations, ethical conduct, and regulatory requirements relevant to their roles.

Risk Assessment and Management

Assessing and managing compliance risks by identifying potential vulnerabilities, conducting risk assessments, and recommending appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Compliance Monitoring and Testing

Establishing monitoring mechanisms and conducting periodic compliance audits and tests to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing controls and identify areas for improvement.

Regulatory Change Management

Monitoring regulatory developments in the financial industry, analyzing their impact on your operations, and advising on necessary adjustments to ensure ongoing compliance.

Regulatory Reporting Support

Assisting in the preparation and submission of regulatory reports required by Dutch financial authorities, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Compliance Remediation

Supporting you in addressing compliance deficiencies or issues identified by internal or external audits, working towards remediation and implementing corrective actions.

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My services aim to help your financial organisation navigate the complex regulatory landscape, maintain adherence to applicable laws and regulations, promote a culture of compliance, and reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties or reputational damage.